Administrative Training Courses:

Medical Administrative Assistant/Medical Office Assistant:                                  Course Duration:  4 weeks

This program trains you to work in a physician's office. Gain the fundamental skills through both teacher-led and hands-on learning experiences. Practice patient registration/scheduling, charge entry, payment posting, accounts receivable follow-up, electronic claim submission and financial report generation. Customer service, HIPAA, health insurance guidelines, and bioethical issues will be addressed.  

Electronic Health Records Specialist:                                                                            Course duration:  6 weeks

Health IT professionals (EHR Specialists or EHR Analysts) assist hospitals and medical practices in the process of transitioning from paper to electronic health records (EHRs) and play an important role in the ongoing use of these systems. They provide practice and provider level support, technical assistance, and training for new users. 

Learn more about the American health care system from the view of both provider and patient. Find out about the impact that managed care has on the quality of care, different types of health insurance and providers and their roles in the delivery system. Gain an overview of the Health Information Technology field. Topics to be covered include the integration of technology into health care, the role of electronic medical records (EMR's) in patient care, and an introduction to the functions of an EMR system in various health care settings.  Examine the legalities and ethics of the health care delivery system. Learn how EHR systems are selected and implemented. Students receive experience with an actual EHR system.

Medical Billing Specialist:                                                                                                 Course duration:  7 weeks

Prepare for national certification through the National Health career Association (NHA). This training uses MediSoft software for data entry, billing, payments, generating reports and sending claims electronically.  Learn computerized medical billing procedures, including how to enter patient information, patient demographics and charges, and how to post patient and insurance payments.  Gain a fundamental knowledge of medical insurance billing, claims processing, major insurance carriers, managed care, accounts receivable management, and the basics of coding.

Medical Coding:                                                                                                                   Course duration:  17 weeks total (Split into 3 modules) 

Processing medical claims is big business and a key need in today's work place. Accurate medical coding is essential to the delivery of quality health care and efficient health care administration.  Learn fundamental knowledge of ICD, CPT  & HCPCS coding. This course will assist coders in developing an in-depth understanding of complex coding conventions, terminology and rules for ICD & CPT.  Students will also gain extensive training in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and pharmacology.  

ICD-10 Review:                                                                                                                      Course duration:  3 weeks

There's more to ICD-10 than just learning a new code set and upgrading your software. The transition will affect every aspect of your practice and/or health care facility.  This course provides 16 hours of comprehensive ICD-10-CM training with evaluation exercises and case studies to assess your proficiency with the new code set.  This training covers a brief history of the ICD-10 transition, the differences between ICD-9 & ICD-10, the specific format changes, the coding conventions and GEMS conversion stats before diving into the ICD-10-CM Alphabetic Index and Tabular Index while covering the major chapter changes. The reading assignments will be specialty specific, to give you a further understanding of the changes and how to implement them in the workplace.